Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is here

It's hard to believe it's December 1st already. Where has this year gone?

I started wrapping presents last night - I'm determined I'm not going to be up at midnight before the day we have our Christmas exchange with the children this year! (At least I hope not!)

Ben and I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert Sunday afternoon and it was so much fun! I've wanted to go for years, and was so excited. Now all I want to do is listen to Christmas music. It's so hard to choose between TSO and Mannheim Steamroller. Glad I have until Christmas to listen to all my music.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting closer and closer

I've just about finished all my shopping! At least I was until Kramer chewed up one of my white sandals. I was so aggravated with him. So now I have to spend some more time looking for another pair of white sandals - not what I wanted to do. I still have to get a hat of some sort, and I would love to find a pair of sunglasses that were like reading glasses, so I didn't have to wear the dorky pair over my regular glasses.

We had to take Kramer to the vet today to get the cyst on his tail drained - serves him right for chewing up my shoe! We are taking Brantlee and Rianne to VBS tonight - Ben is doing storytelling again. Caralee is sick, so Haylee doesn't want to take her out - I don't blame her at all!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting ready for a cruise

Ben and I have spent the day shopping for the cruise. I am so excited!! Although he has been before, this is my first real cruise. I'm experimenting a little with a blog, but I don't know if I will be able to post while we are on the ship or not. Gotta do some learning! I told Ben I would buy him dinner at Olive Garden if he would go to one more store with me. Dillards has always been a good place for me to buy special clothes, and I found a dress for the captain's dinner and 2 bathing suits!! Woo Hoo!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer time and the living is...

Spent the day finishing up Caralee's quilt. My computer and scanner weren't being friendly to each other, so I had to use the old computer to scan. But I got it done, and created a label for the quilt. I cut out pieces of the fabric, scanned them, resized them and created a frame around the text. I was pleased with the way it turned out. Hope Caralee will eventually enjoy it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

How's your hearing?

Check out your hearing skills! Can you hear better than a 5th grader?
Mine is OK

The mosquito device was made for the likes of you. You are probably begging to make the noise stop!

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 18.8kHz
Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!

Cool site

I think I may never watch live TV again! Too many good ole shows!

An avatar

I've been playing with all the new things I learned at SCASL 08! This is the new me!